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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Qualities a woman wants in a man

Ok guys you are sitting there scratching your head wondering what in gods name a woman is actually looking for. We all hear women on screen talking about the "tall, dark and handsome" but is that REALLY what they want?

The answer is no.

Women in all honesty are simple buy have this habit of being so shady that men are left thinking we are difficult beings that will never be satisfied but in actual fact that's not correct at all.

Firstly you need to understand that women are reactive so whatever you bring into the relationship we will copy that behaviour. You shut down and stop communicating, we will stop communicating. You stop helping her around the house, she will stop doing things just for you. You lose your cool in an arguement, she will yell too...and so on. So everytime you want something think about what you are doing as she is your reflection.

What you bring to the relationship must be genuine and for the long term.

So here are the qualities:

Intelligence - this comes from being intelligent to have initiative to make plans, help out without being asked (noticing things that need to be done) and what I call mind f*cking her. Yes thats right, many women crave intellectual stimulation. Its super sexy!

Strength - now I'm not talking about muscles. I'm more talking about your coping mechanism. We need you to be our rock just like we need to be yours.

Direction - we need our man to have goals. Have a vision of what he wants in the future. This is imperative for our security. We actually want our man to have passion. To be a leader. We don't want a guy who is a dreamer, we need a man with reality and goals. It represents stability.

Presence - This is important. All to often people re not present. this is important for both parties to be present however commonly men are distracted by work, social pressure, sport and their own inner thoughts to not be present. We know when your not present. Just because you can repeat what we just said to you back to us doesn't mean you heard a word. So please be present.

Passion - Just as we want you to have direction we love when you are passionate about it. Be passionate about everything you do. It is a sexy quality but more a one that we find endearing and brings us closer to you.

Humour - please have a sense of humour! If you can't take the piss out of yourself whats the point. Having a sense of humour means you tend to be someone who smiles a lot, laughs a lot, has a better aspect on life and is fun.

Consistency - you need to understand that just being present isn't enough. We need you to be consistent in your actions, not just your words. Be consistent with the other above qualities also.

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