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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Most Women Think Love And Sex Should Go Together; Is It More Fulfilling Than A One-Night Stand?

Now I see articles every day argueing both sides of this topic.

Some studies suggests that people in committed, loving relationships are having more fun in the bedroom than just those who are having casual sex.

Others say that those having one nights stands have just as much fun to. How is that possible?
I mean, it makes sense that especially for women we get emotionally attached after sex. Ironic since its actually men that 'connect' through the sexual act itself.

Casual sex allows your inhibitions to fall away and people are more likely to experiment and try new things with a fling. This is normally not the case with a long term partner. Shame, fear and rejection come into play when you want to introduce trying something new to the bedroom regime, even if its only once. I hear this everyday when women want to introduce a new toy to the relationship and are not sure how to do it as they don't want their man to believe that they are being replaced.

One-night or even three-night stands, lets just say casual sex, allows you to quite frankly...not care! I have found that I try different things with different partners. It depends on my level of comfort with each and sometimes the mans own sexual experience or fantasies he expresses. It doesn't mean I try the same things with each guy I am with at all. From my own long term relationship experience  can say I never tried half the stuff I have in a casual situation.

However, in a long term relationship, the depth of the connection was different. Look, I can have an orgasm whether its within a serious relationship or a one night stand as I don't let my 'mind' get on the way. It comes down to the fact that 'loving sex' is different to sex and this tends to really (for a women) only occur when in the right relationship. Then sex becomes an expression of our love.

So in saying all that, what do you think now?

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