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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Know the kind of a flirt you are dealing with

Written by Reeza Noorani

It's official now and there's research to prove it too -men and women can be divided into categories based on the way they flirt! Sure, people do have flirt detectors, but if you come across one, here's how you can tell what kind of a person you're up against. And while there is no `one size fits all' to flirting, there is no harm in knowing what you're dealing with...

An approach that is common to most guys who aren't that out going, this guy will not flirt outside of a traditional environment.
Almost a conservative, he will be cautious and polite when flirting.
These are not people who will artfully crack you up in the supermarket queue, or randomly initi ate a conversation that takes interesting turns.

They would instead choose to make meaning ful conversation. Actress Ragini Khanna says that such men interest her. "I hate empty talk. For me, conversation and intel lect are right up there.

Also, I can always say if someone is being sincere or not. It's refreshing to meet someone genuine like that."

Women who are tradi tional flirts will almost always expect men to make the first move, and will take a more passive yet assertive role, in flirt ing. Also, if a woman who is a traditional flirt knows you from before, you have a better chance of bagging a date, since she would prefer to sit back and wait to be wooed.

Traditional flirting could lead to a serious and meaningful relationship if you're ready for it.

This kind of a guy would want to be introduced to you rather than go out and make first contact. It's mostly the case when introverts try to flirt. The downside of this is that the woman might not always realise that the guy is flirting with her. Says Ragini, "There are so many times when I don't even know the guy is flirting with me.My friends tell me later that they felt he was!" However, Anubhav, who often speaks with women in the course of his work as a breakup counsellor, says these kind of flirts would play a waiting game and rely on strong emotional connections, rather than risk making a move, which might get boring if the woman is not too interested. For instance, the girl you just met might not be interested in knowing about how exactly your last relationship failed or what your gym routine is. Women on the other hand, develop a more intimate connection if they take this approach.So, if there's lots of personal information being disclosed by a woman, you know that she's the sincere kind and that she's interested.

A healthy relationship could come out of it, only if you both started on the right note and didn't meet on a dating site.

You know the guy who lures you into a conversation so easily that it is often tough to remember just how you got into it, but know that you're having a really good time? Dating expert Ankit Anubhav says these kind of flirts usually have a good success rate. However, women shouldn't look at anything long-term with them. "These guys are more honest in their approach, since their casualness doesn't hide their intent at all."

Expect a short-term relationship, fun date nights and a lot of casual conversation. But long-term prospects might be tricky .

As the name suggests, there is a lot of physical intimacy with this kind of guy It's a lot of non-verbal communication where .the guy touches your knee of your hand lightly to make a point. While there is a fine line between being physical while flirting, the ones who are good at it can develop a great intimacy , and the ones who aren't so subtle, could easily put a woman off. Women too, are great with physical flirting. So, if you catch her making eye contact more than a couple of times, it's mostly on. Also, gestures like a tilting of the head or laughing when the joke's not funny , are signs that she's physically flirting.

There is often great intimacy in such relationships, even though they might not last.

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