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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

LELO How-to: Have Multiple Orgasms

It’s true that too much of a good thing can be bad for us, but when it comes to orgasms, we believe that the sky is the limit. And given people within the medical community claim that at least 200 orgasms a year is good for your health, there’s no reason not to at least try having one, two, three or even fourgasms!
Almost every woman is physiologically built for multiple orgasms, and as long as you can reach one per sexual encounter, having another is within your grasp. You don’t need us to tell you that multiplying your orgasms is a handy trick to have mastered for an extra-special sensual situation.

Slow Down & Get Comfortable

One of the secrets to achieving orgasms in general, let alone a number of them in one session, is your comfort. Make sure your immediate surroundings are optimal for orgasms – and if that means simply tidying up, then by all means do it.

Once everything’s in place, take your time to tease yourself to the point that you’ve GOT TO have sex. Build that intensity, getting right to the point of climax and then stop. Do this once or twice to heighten the intensity while preparing your body for multiple pleasures.

Change Your Mind

Think plurally, and enter the intimate encounter with a positive outlook that is open to having more than one orgasm. This healthy mindset will get you tuned in to a mind-body connection that keeps you switched on mentally and sexually after your first climax, and ready for more.

Clear Your Mind

Now that you’re thinking about more than one orgasm – stop thinking about it! Avoid going into your lovemaking session with a goal-oriented mindset; forget about your O and just focus on what feels good – more often than not, the rest will follow.

Vary the Technique, Not the Focus

You know how you take your pleasure, and whether G-spot stimulation or clitoral massage is what gets you off, go with what you know.

After your first orgasm is achieved though, switch up the method, but not the focus area. For instance, if you just climaxed via clitoral stimulation, continue that kind of massage, but change sexual positions or the massage stroke and pressure you just climaxed with.

As with everything sex related, however, communication is key for this tip. 


Make sure you’re in tip-top shape down there by keeping your Kegels tight and toned, because when you break it down, your orgasm is actually an intense contraction of your pelvic floor muscles.

Keeping them strong will increase blood flow to your nether areas and make repeated muscle contractions possible, so get started on your personal pelvic fitness routine.

We’ll give our final piece of advice in the form of a well-known nursery rhyme about searching for multiple O’s;

‘Whether you have one, a ton or even none,
Trying to multiply your orgasms is fun!’*

*We just made that up.


Friday, 11 October 2013

Random Sex Facts You Didn’t Know

So you know everything there is to know about sex, do you? You’ve covered all the ins and outs of the ol’ in-and-out? Been around the block so many times that there’s a street named after you?
Hopefully you’re not so wise as to be forever unsurprised.

Anything worth taking pleasure in is a lifelong pursuit of wisdom in itself, and we’d be surprised if you knew every one of the following sex facts on our list; so strap in and get ready to take notes, because school is now in session!

The Average Erect Penis is 5 to 5.7 Inches Long
Bet you thought 6 inches was the normal size, didn’t you? Well, that fabled figure of 6 inches is one that’s been rounded up for many years now (most likely by guys), which admittedly is not the most surprising statistic we’ve got, considering that…

…Your Vagina Also Grows During Arousal – A Lot!
Regularly (read; when you’re not turned on), an average vagina is three to four inches long. When you’re in the mood for sex however, it stretches to 200% its normal size!

Her Orgasm Lasts 4 Times Longer than His
While it may take a woman longer to get there, when she arrives at climax it’s a worthwhile journey. This is because compared to a man’s orgasm, which lasts an average of a paltry 6 seconds, a woman’s orgasm can go on for as long as 20 seconds! High fives, ladies! Solemn nods, gentlemen.

Good news, right? But hold on a minute there, because…

…Two-thirds of Women have Faked It
And by ‘it’, we of course mean an orgasm.

Seriously? That kind of false reinforcement isn’t going to ensure your satisfaction in the long term if he thinks what he’s doing is getting you off. If you’ve got a partner who’s truly interested in pleasing you, and you’re a big fan of pleasure yourself, let them know what it takes to reach your big O.

Women Report 4 Sex Partners in their Lifetime. Men Report 7
The American Centers for Disease Control estimate that women’s total median of lifetime sexual partners is 4 compared to a man’s 7, but there’s a bit more to this stat than first meets the eye.

First off, men are much more likely to exaggerate when it comes to sex compared to women, but this is in part due to what an individual’s definition of ‘sex’ even is in the first place. Women tend to have a more complex relationship with sex and intimacy than men, making their definition a bit more involved and harder-defined. In any case, it’s worth keeping in mind that these figures are medians, meaning there are more or less on either side.

We’ll end the lesson here for now and let you study up on your own –the homework is the best part!

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