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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Online Dating Profile: Do’s and Don’ts

It was only a few short years ago that online dating was looked upon with disdain; the relationships that stemmed from it unnatural and doomed to failure – because if you can’t connect with people in the real world, what hope is there for you and your partner?

According to the 35 million people signed up for Match.com and eHarmony and the approximate hundreds of thousands of marriages resulting from online dating every year, it just ain’t that way. 

When it comes to dating in these modern times, all of these people will tell you that it’s a fuss- and rejection-free way to play the field – all while meeting even more people than they would with traditional dating.
Whether it’s for a fun fling or something more permanent, your first step in online dating is making a profile that will act as your calling card for thousands of potential suitors seeking internet-borne intimacy.

Check out our tips on how to stand out from the rest;

Get in the mood
If you’ve ever had a telemarketing or otherwise telephone-centric job, you’ll be told to smile while you speak, because people can hear the smile in your voice.

While we’re not asking you to be grinning while you type out your personal details, we highly suggest you be in a good mood and feeling great about yourself while you describe yourself to perfect strangers – because that confidence and positivity shines through without a doubt.

While you’re tapping out your details, wear something you feel sexy in, play the music that makes you feel your best, unique self that’s bound to shine through your online avatar.

Picture this...
Obviously you’re going to want to post a fantastic picture of yourself, but be aware that a full-sized pic can sometimes look less than flattering when reduced in size to a thumbnail, so always check the preview of your image in the size it will be displayed in before hitting that ‘submit’ button.

... Or don’t.
You might be uncomfortable with putting your image out there in the beginning, and for the sake of privacy or protecting your online images, there are many who agree with you. If that’s your choice, then when it comes to describing your appearance in words be wary of claims that can be perceived as dubious, and avoid claiming your celebrity look-alike.

When describing your appearance however, be sure to mention your favorite part about you. Are you proud of your hair? Say so! Think you’ve got a great butt? Speak up! Do you believe you’ve got the hands of a hand model, if you say so yourself? Then by all means – say it so yourself. These kind of claims pique interests and get imaginations running wild.

Share what you love
‘Movies, music and reading’ just isn’t going to cut it when asked what your interests are – stand out with more unique information about yourself.

What was the last movie that moved you or made you laugh until you cried? What album do you currently have on repeat? Which book are you reading for the third time? Answers like these say a lot more about you than you might think, and are the same kind of icebreaking topics that first date dialogues are made from.

Be specific about what you want, not who you want
If it’s a seasonal fling, a one-night only thing, a few hot dates or a lifelong mate you’re after, then let that be known from the outset and avoid an awkward exchange about expectations down the road.

But when it comes to the kind of person you want to respond to your profile, keep the parameters open to a wide number of people. Cast a wide net, and you’ll receive even more offers from suitors, leaving you with a bigger pool of possible mates to choose from, because remember, a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ is as simple and painless as a click of the mouse!


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