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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Is Fantasising About Others Cheating?

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Here is another article and HOT topic. Enjoy!

The smoke alarm goes off in my apartment block, but I'm too deep asleep to properly realise what's happening. Suddenly, there's a big bang and I awake to find that my bedroom door has been kicked in, and I notice a dozen of firemen standing in my room with axes in hand.
"Are you ok?" one of them, he seems to be the leader, demands to know.
Self-consciously, I hold my doona tightly to my chest, trying to cover the fact that I am completely naked underneath.
"Yes," I say with a tremor. "What's wrong?"
"A fire alarm went off in the building, but there seems to be no fire," the fireman replies.
I can barely see his features because it's so dark in the room, but I can make out that he — and the rest of the crew — all seem to be quite tall and buff.
"You sure you're alright, ma'm?" he asks once again.
There's something in his voice, a raw, animal sexuality, that awakens something deep inside of me. The presence of so much testosterone present at the same time in my bedroom starts to feel slightly intoxicating, and I feel a familiar, tingling sensation between my legs.
It's as if they can read my mind, because they make no intention of leaving my room. Slowly, to test their reaction, I remove my doona and reveal my naked body to the group of men.
The leader takes a step forward, and silently pulls his pants down. Without a word, he climbs into my bed, bends over me, and enters me with ferocity.
When he's done, in the darkness, one by one I get taken by the rest of the firemen, and my pleasure screams echo into the night....
Whatever your go-to fantasy (and there are as many fantasies as there are women, I think) most of us have one that we return to. The no fail, 'get me off' scenario that seems to tap into something deep, and maybe dark, in our psyche.
Question is: if I am making out with my boyfriend, but imagining that I am being taken by a string of firemen, is that wrong, is it cheating? Should it be something I share with my partner? Do I need to come clean?
Women have been shamed about their sexuality from time immemorial, so fantasies have always been a way for women to own a small part of their arousal. In 1973 author Nancy Friday released the first published compilation of women's sexual fantasies. My Secret Garden: Women's Sexual Fantasies, is a compilation of real women's fantasies, collected by Friday through letters and taped and personal interviews. If you haven't read it, do yourself a favour: just block out a whole weekend to truly enjoy it.
When it was published, it shook the traditional notions of woman's fantasy life and refuted many previously accepted notions of female sexuality. The book revealed that women fantasise (shock horror!), just as men do, and that the content of the fantasies can be as transgressive, or not, as men's.
The delicious thing about fantasies is that they are yours and yours alone, unless you choose to share them (which can be super hot too). I only share some of my sexual fantasies with my boyfriend, the ones I want to share. I love that I can have an internal world that is mine alone and I can choose to invite someone into that world.
But call me hypocritical, but when the shoe is on the other foot, when we are talking about men's fantasies I am more of a prude. If my boyfriend was fantasising about one of our mutual friends, someone I knew, I would hit the roof. Maybe it is about proximity, maybe if the scenario could happen, it crosses the line from fantasy to virtual infidelity.
Whatever the case, I doubt he would be cool with me and my fireman with their big hose, so that one is staying my luscious little secret.
Enjoy Yourself.
 Miss M


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